Bar Association “ALLIANCE CONSULTING GROUP”, Lavrska Street, 9, b. 19, Kyiv, 01015, Ukraine +38(067)401-19-70


Since the founding of the Bar Association “Alliance Consulting Group” we have been able not only to examine the needs of customers, businesses and individuals in detail, but also the major problems in the legal market. Over the years, the company has worked actively on its corporate policy and has created favorable conditions for cooperation on various legal issues.

The official date of the establishment of the company is September 2, 2012. Its founder was Liubov Zubytska, lawyer who continued the family tradition. She is a professional in law enforcement activities in various areas and her legal experience is more than 10 years. She worked in government agencies, was engaged in legislative activity in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.While working in the private sector, Liubov accompanied business projects in the agricultural, construction and other fields. Liubov acquired experience in the management activity by working as Head of the legal department of the large agricultural holding in Ukraine.

She also dedicated some time to the policy. Liubov began her legal practice in 2007, after obtaining a lawyer license. In 2012 she started her own business, which she has run from that time.

During the existence of the Bar Association, it has constantly attracted young and talented specialists who have made the company an expert in judicial practice, created all the conditions for the formation of the strong position in the field of law.

At present, the staff of the company includes experienced lawyers and attorneys providing a full range of legal services from business consulting to protection the client's interests in arbitration, courts, law enforcement and other government agencies.

The principal activities of the company are to accompany doing medium and large businesses and the provision of qualified legal assistance to individuals and legal entities on issues regarding criminal, commercial, civil, family law, as well as legal support for the electoral process.


The main advantages of our company are extensive experience, honesty and integrity. The ability to calculate risks and predict the development scenario of a project is also an achievement of the Bar Association "Alliance Consulting Group".

Each lawyer in our company strictly adheres to ethical and professional standards, is responsible fulfilling his duties and guarantees absolute confidentiality.

Knowledge of Ukrainian legislation, efficient and progressive approach provides confidence to our clients in resolving legal matters in a short time.

We guarantee the conscientious fulfillment of tasks of any complexity.